Avengers #4 - Too Many Avengers!

Cover image of Avengers volume 3 issue #4

Writer: Kurt Busiek
Penciler: George Perez

It's time for the traditional way to introduce a new team line-up - the "Who will be on the Avengers?" issue, complete with traditional photo-collage of potential team member headshots on the cover.

Meanwhile, Wanda and Vision have a painful conversation, Clint throws a temper-tantrum about not being considered a "founding avenger," and we see the beginning of Carol's alcoholism storyline.

Date: 2014-06-05 02:25 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] eruiel
"Aren't you forgetting something, Mr. Living Legend?"

Tony Stark forever the go-between for the world and Steve.

As much as I wanted to sympathize with Clint, as I do love him, he kind of proved why he wasn't sitting at the table. It was amusing watching him flail around when he realised he almost talked himself out of a spot. But I am so glad he didn't run off to captain his own squad of junior Avengers. Enjoy your new duties training the kids, Clint.

Poor Tony. I hope he doesn't lose too much sleep pondering Duane's angle. It seems Agent Coulson has a predecessor as president of the government fanboy club.

So is this run where the Wanda and Carol feels come from?

Date: 2014-06-06 06:06 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] eruiel
I thought it was quite clever to make the scene about Carol's lame excuse. Tony should be better than anyone at picking up on guilt. He's also a saint for letting the Avengers keep the full bar.

Date: 2014-06-07 02:32 am (UTC)
marinarusalka: (comics: Steve/Tony slash)
From: [personal profile] marinarusalka
Tony Stark forever the go-between for the world and Steve.

And the world is well aware of it, too. Note how when it looked as if Steve might not say it, Carol knew to nudge Tony rather Steve himself.

That little moment of Tony realizing that Carol might have a problem was really well done. I don't think I've ever read all of Carol's drinking arc, just random bits and pieces out of order, so it'll be interesting to follow it here. From what I remember, it had a lot of awesome interactions between Carol and Tony. (Awesome both in the sense of "Tony is a good and supportive friend" and in the sense of "Holy crap, she threw him through an airplane!")

Date: 2014-06-07 03:48 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] eruiel
I love that Carol basically said, "Tony, make him do the thing." I like to imagine that Tony gets a lot of, "Can you ask Steve...?" which is utterly adorable in my mind.

Through an airplane?! I've also never read this arc in full. I'm glad I'm now a little more prepared. :D I guess it's worse to be offered support from someone you know so well and who genuinely cares about you when you want to ignore the problem.

Date: 2014-06-07 05:17 am (UTC)
marinarusalka: (comics: Ms Marvel)
From: [personal profile] marinarusalka
I think, also, the fact that it's Tony -- who's been there himself and therefore knows what he's talking about -- makes it difficult to maintain denial. And Carol was very, very invested in maintaining denial of her drinking problem, and reacted very badly to to anything and anyone that tried to make her face it.


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